Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ohop Vally

I don't have a new picture to show you of my current project. It is the one pictured below blue triangles... I decided that it needed prairie points for binding red and white check, yup suddenly this turned out to be a great 4th of July Picnic quilt..... and then I decided to hand quilt it... this is about 2/5 done. Which is coming along nicely. I am surprised it is going this quickly. This is my second hand quilted project. I can not wait to finish it. OH!!! Our rental house is done and rented out as of May 1st... to a really nice man. Our rental house is a small farm house in Ohop Valley here in WA state. Here is a picture of the Vally. Last September the old renter left... leaving us a house that needed to be gutted and rebuilt. These renters were there 7 1/2 years.. reminder to self never long term rent again... we always asked if everything was good with the house... and we always heard.. oh yea it is great. Well pipes leaking under the bathroom sink for what must have been about 6 or more years and kitchen sink for 2-3 years. Well that meant tearing every little thing out of the bath and the kitchen so we could get to the damage. uggh... what a trip this has been every weekend except Christmas and Thanks Giving and Easter working to fix up the house. Which I have to say Thanks to my loving and talented husband is looking better then when we lived there. I am jealous of the Kitchen brand new cabinets, counter tops, floor it is the best I have ever seen this house in the 20 years we have owned it. We refinished the Oak floors in the Living room and Dinning room and they really turned out just Beautiful. Maybe next time I will get the picture of the house posted. Have a Great Day!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

This last weekend i worked on this little project. Here is a picture of the pattern, I loved the little flags. Which is kind of surprising as I do not do to many triangles. OK so really this is my 2nd project ever doing them... yup that is right I have been quilting less then a year. And i have got squares down... but the triangle is a mystery to me. So I took the leap and here is the result.

I think it is pretty good. Well at least it is an OK stab at Triangles.

Have a great day Quilting.... I am at work today. Boy do I love the weekends where I get to putter around the house, cook dinner, and Quilt.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Books

First I should warn you all that I like pictures... they are worth a thousand words...

So with that I introduce my friend Husky, Husky is a new-old friend he was purchased about 7 months ago from the shop where he was traded in for a new model by his previous owner. I can't fathom why he was traded in Husky has been my best friend for months now he sits at the dinning room table waiting for me to visit all day long while I am at work. He does sit there and stair at me from the dinning room while I make dinner, waiting for me to give the poor guy some attention.

Second subject of the day... the real reason I am blogging today. I Love Books... they inspire me to do so many wonderful things. Last night I received 2 new books and there is a Crazy Quilt in my future I am sure of it. At this point I have to finish a project before I can start another one... and I have a wish/wait list of projects that I want to do. It is going to be a busy Craft summer. Nope I am not a teacher I have sabbatical this summer and I am looking forward to it so much.
This is the first book An Encyclopedia of Crazy Quilt Stitches and Motifs.... I like this book the colors are wonderful.

Here is a sample of some of the stitches.

Here is another.

Second but not least is Crazy Quilting... I love both of these books.

Inside view of some stitch instructions.

and another .... nice clear instructions, I likey.

Have a great day...

Monday, April 12, 2010

My friend Richard went to the Tulip Festival here in WA state this last weekend... and took this lovely picture, the colors are amazing.

I really love this quilt block.. I want to make my own Dresden soon.