Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Well that quilt I made from scraps, I started a few weeks ago... DONE!!! I hand quilted it. I thought that with all those triangles it needed more for the edge.....
It has already been washed dried and on the bench on the front porch for over a week.... yup I did not take pictures of it until this morning ... I know I am a camera slacker.

while i was getting the pictures of the quilt off the camera I found one of Yoda.... pretty bird.
I am trying to teach him to say... "I'm a pain in the butt."

And this is my little Kate, she is going to be 8 very soon. She is the baby of the family, even the bird is older then Kate. She is a happy child... except for 3 times a day... meal time this one does not like to eat she will be 8 years old in less then 2 weeks and she weighs 51lbs (she is not short). She just does not like food, except tacos in crunchy corn shells.

I Love you Kate!

Monday, May 17, 2010

So it was my birthday... I am now OLD. Well not really but my shoulder hurts, has been for about 2 weeks.. not all the time is it extremely painful but it just aches all the time... and well my good friend at work Dalynn mentioned it might be arthritis. So turning 30 was not bad... turning 40 was not either... I did not think twice about turning 40. But for some odd reason 45 seems to make me feel OLD. I mean really in 5 short years... yup. OUCH how did that happen. Time just marches on... and to quote a movie.. " time marches on and sooner or later it you figure out that it is just marching across your face."

This is the wonderful quilt cake that my friend Kara made...for my birthday. It was really pretty and she did an amazing amazing JOB!!! and the cake had to be the best cake i have had in years... YUM!!!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Joshua's birthday

OK I did not bake this ... but all I can say is Thank You QFC.....YUMMMM!!!

Oh and Joshua was not all that happy with turning 40... Can you tell?