Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Table Runner

So the Dresden Plates that I made... (first ones ever) I turned in to this table runner. My dinning room table is pretty large sot the runner is 17"wide and 95" long and it think it turned out very cute... it is perfect for summer.
I put the plates together with my sewing machine (Husky) then I hand stitched them down to the back ground fabric. And here is the crazy part... I hand quilted this... this was allot of quilting in a "small" project diagonal straight lines about 1.25" apart...

But it turned out so cute... the quilting adds so much to the runner.

My sabbatical starts soon... 9 weeks off to spend with Kate and Quilt and go on a trip or 2 this summer.

Have a great Day!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dresden Plate table runner and Quilt Frame

First I have to tell you all that Kate... soon after this picture was taken found a spider in her room. She was Not smiling after that... she did not want to sleep in her room after that so she slept on the couch.... not the family room couch but my Living room couch. I hope this does not last long.
OK now off to my new project... I have always wanted to make a Dresden Plate Quilt... but I have never made a Dresden plate. So I decided to make some and then turned them into a table runner for my Dinning room table.... One I discovered that I Love them... making them was easy as pie. The runner needed to be quilted... but I do not like trying to quilt anything on my sewing machine, it is a Quilter but the arm is not got a lot of space on it so fighting to get things to be lined up and flat is more bother then it seems to be worth... but I am enjoying hand quilting and it is just turning out so nice on this runner.
For this runner the decision was made to do lines... but close together... about 1.25 inches

Oh... I have to show you my Quilt frame I bought this for about 50$ and it was great but a little wobbly I did not like that very much so I asked my dear husband to improve the quilt frame... it did have just a little stick that ran from one side to the other side on the bottom. So my wonderful husband took the little 1x1 stick...out and added this which squared the bottom of the quilt frame and made it really sturdy... it works great I love that the little shelf is perfect for my feet to rest on it.
OH... the table runner is 95" long... 17"wide and I should be done quilting it by the end of the week. I am about 1/2 way done now.

Have a wonderful Day!!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

First I have to say Happy Birthday to my little girl... she is 8 now!!!
Second I have to say THANK YOU to my wonderful friend Kara!!!! She made the cakes for Katelyn's birthday... what a GREAT JOB she did...
Katelyn has still not let us cut up the big cake.... she wants to keep it forever... although the little cakes went quick there were 8 just like her age.
And here she is our little Kate who is Eight... On a Quilt I just finished.... this is out of the left over squares from a BIG quilt... that still needs to be quilted. I have been hand quilting lap quilts and smaller. I am not very good at this yet. this is my 3rd had quilted project and I am getting better but more practice is still needed.
I used 30's fabric's and some polka dots as the back ground and perry points... they are sure fun.

I had to piece the back as the quilt is not big enough to warrant 108" wide backing... I think it turned out kind of cute.
Well have a happy Quilting day...