Friday, June 4, 2010

First I have to say Happy Birthday to my little girl... she is 8 now!!!
Second I have to say THANK YOU to my wonderful friend Kara!!!! She made the cakes for Katelyn's birthday... what a GREAT JOB she did...
Katelyn has still not let us cut up the big cake.... she wants to keep it forever... although the little cakes went quick there were 8 just like her age.
And here she is our little Kate who is Eight... On a Quilt I just finished.... this is out of the left over squares from a BIG quilt... that still needs to be quilted. I have been hand quilting lap quilts and smaller. I am not very good at this yet. this is my 3rd had quilted project and I am getting better but more practice is still needed.
I used 30's fabric's and some polka dots as the back ground and perry points... they are sure fun.

I had to piece the back as the quilt is not big enough to warrant 108" wide backing... I think it turned out kind of cute.
Well have a happy Quilting day...


  1. I like the way the back turned out. :)

  2. Oh, one more comment before I depart your lovely blog:

    I LOVE THIS BACKING! And just think, it wouldn't be nearly so pretty if you'd had enough of that backing!!! Serendipity. It's a good word and a good concept. : )

    ~ Ronda