Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Well that quilt I made from scraps, I started a few weeks ago... DONE!!! I hand quilted it. I thought that with all those triangles it needed more for the edge.....
It has already been washed dried and on the bench on the front porch for over a week.... yup I did not take pictures of it until this morning ... I know I am a camera slacker.

while i was getting the pictures of the quilt off the camera I found one of Yoda.... pretty bird.
I am trying to teach him to say... "I'm a pain in the butt."

And this is my little Kate, she is going to be 8 very soon. She is the baby of the family, even the bird is older then Kate. She is a happy child... except for 3 times a day... meal time this one does not like to eat she will be 8 years old in less then 2 weeks and she weighs 51lbs (she is not short). She just does not like food, except tacos in crunchy corn shells.

I Love you Kate!

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