Monday, July 5, 2010

Sewing Cart

Well I hope every one had a Happy and Safe 4th of July. We went to Mom and Dad's had a wonderful BBQ in the yard and then we roasted some marshmallows on the fire. The fire works were provided by the neighborhood.
This item was a spark of an idea in my little head Saturday morning.... and since I am married to the Best Cabinet Maker in the world (lucky girl that I am) he just went to the shop and whipped it up.
O.K. It was not an easy task.... I was on the web and was recovering from Friday night Poker, Sat morning 5am (yes my first day off and I was up on my laptop at 5am) and I thought about my chore of taking every thing back into the dinning room so I could set up sewing again... every time we have to use the dinning room, I go through this little chore of picking every thing up and carting it all over the house to hide it... The machine goes in Jessica's room, the material goes in Kate's room the cutting mat and rulers and all of that goes in my room. So here I was wanting to sew sew sew but in order to do that I would have to go around the house and disturb everyone with recovery mission... Well then I was searching on the web and found a few cabinets that rolled around and I could store all of my precious sewing items in. Well you know how that is by time I found the perfect one... it was 150$... plus tax...Plus shipping and I still had to wait a week for it.
Well for starters 200$ for a rolling cabinet was a little bit more then I wanted to spend...( just think of how much real sewing stuff I could buy with 200$) and they just weren't perfect. I wanted something with a few small drawers and then some big drawers and then I wanted a place that fit my cutting mat perfect, and a place where I could put my machine so I could just roil it out and roll it back easily.
So then I got a few web sites lined up on the old lappy toppy and went bouncing into the bedroom. Yes to wake the wonderful husband up... yea I know that it was about 7:30 am on a Sat morning but I had a idea... and well you can't just sit around and wait for someone to get there sleep when an idea is brewing. So I stuck a deal with the husband (we won't talk about his part of the deal) And he JUMPED out of bed in to the shower and off to the shop he went to slay this Dragon for me.
He came back 10 hours later with my cabinet... it is just perfect in every way.
Oh and there is that very cute table runner I made a few weeks ago.
The other night Kate and Nick had a water fight in the back yard. This is a picture of Kate ready for battle... they had lots of fun.

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